Track Your Bus in Real Time with SacRT BusTracker  

December 2, 2021 General

Use SacRT’s new BusTracker to track your bus in real-time. The new SacRT BusTracker is currently available for desktop only, the app version is coming soon.    

Riders can use the desktop version to sign up for real-time alerts sent by text or email notification. You can customize your notifications for your route and bus stop. 

To ensure you don’t miss your bus, please be at your stop at least five minutes before the estimated stop time.  

Sign Up/Create an Account 

You can sign up to get personalized alerts for your bus route and bus stop. You can also add your bus stop as favorites.  

Visit to create an account and get started.  

Creating an account is required to receive selected alerts: 

  1. Tap Sign Up.
  2. Fill in the detail, provide mobile phone number for SMS (text) alerts. Fields marked with anasterixare mandatory. 
  3. Agree to terms of condition and tap Create New Account.
  4. A pop-up screen will appear with instruction to verify the user.
  5. Follow the email instruction to activate your account. You will also receive a text to confirm your text message alerts.

Logging into your account: 

  1. Tap Log in Button on top right. 
  2. Enter your registered email address and password.
  3. Tap Log in Button.
  4. When you log in, additional options display in Home Page namely Favorites, My Account and Alerts.

How to add favorite stops: 

To enable this feature, users should create account and log in. 

  1. Tap Favorites from Home Screen.
  2. Under Add a Favorite, select a route.
  3. Select the direction you will be traveling.
  4. Select the stop.
  5. Click the Add Favorite button.

How to create alerts for a specific bus route and/or bus stop: 

To enable this feature, users should create account and log in. 

  1. Tap Alerts from your Home Screen.
  2. Check if Sending Alerts isenabledor not. Toggle switch to enable/disable the alerts. 
  3. Check appropriate option for Service Bulletin. Service Bulletin may include general or system-wide service bulletins currently in effect.
  4. Tap Add Stop which offers the option of selecting a stop by number or selecting from a series of pick lists to find your stop.
  5. Select your preference for delivery method for system to send you the alerts. You can select:
  • Exact time to receive alerts 
  • Select how system will send alerts 

If you want alerts to be sent multiple times, enable Repeat which will give option to select the repeat frequencies followed by option to enter time by which the alerts should stop.

Lastly, select the days of the week during which you want to receive alerts. 

When all data has been entered, tap the Save button. Your alerts have been saved and system will send alerts through your preferred delivery method based on the timing you have set. 

SacRT Bus Tracker displays Service Bulletins to alert you to conditions impacting service. 

Bus Route/Stop Bulletins 

Bus Route-Specific or Stop-Specific service bulletins are displayed in the Departure Times and Where’s My Bus? window when the route or stop to which they apply is one of your route/direction/stop selections.  
For example, a service bulletin created just for Route 30 will be displayed in this field only if you select a stop on Route 30 for which to view departure times. 

System-Wide Bulletins 

System-Wide service bulletins are displayed regardless of your selections and will appear in the field with any route-specific or stop-specific ones. 

Scheduled/Estimated Departure Times Explained: 

The SacRT BusTracker shows scheduled or estimated departure/arrival times based on the location of the bus. 

The scheduled time is the time the bus will arrive/depart based on the published trip schedule. 

The estimated time is based on the real-time movement of the buses arriving within 30 minutes. The Estimated Time will generally be the more accurate. Detours, traffic incidents, construction, weather, or equipment issues may cause delays that may impact the accuracy of the estimated stop departure times. 

SacRT BusTracker App is Coming Soon! 

Currently, only the web portal is available for the SacRT BusTracker. SacRT is working on the SacRT Bus Tracker App that can be downloaded and installed on your compatible mobile device from App Store or Google Pay. Both the App and the Website will allow you to access same information.