Setting up and using the SacRT GO Mobile App

September 8, 2021 General


Open the App Store if you have an iPhone or open the Google Play if you have an Android. 
App Store: 

Google Play: 

Search SacRT GO by clicking on the magnifying class icon.  

Click on the cloud shaped icon on an Apple device or Install on an Android device to download. 


Enter your username and password.  

Next, click Login. 


  1. Click Book New Trip on the bottom. 
  2. Choose options to Leave At or Arrive By a certain time.  
  3. Select the travel date and time for either the pick-up or drop-off selection. 
  4. Enter pick-up and drop-off locations. 

If you will be using a mobility device during your trip, select it on the menu. You can also leave any notes your driver may need to help in picking you up, such as if you’ll be waiting by a side door. 

Next, select the Purpose for your trip from the list of options available. If you only have one purpose available, it will be auto selected for you.  

If you have anyone travelling with you add them to your trip.  

If everything looks good, click the book trip button and your reservation will be sent to our dispatching system.  

You’ll receive a confirmation and have the opportunity to book your return trip. 

After you’re done booking you’ll see it displayed in your upcoming trip list.  

You’ll get a window during which you’ll be picked up for your trip.  

On the day of your trip we’ll add additional information about when we expect the vehicle to arrive. 


You will see two tabs: Upcoming Trips and Past Trips.  

When you click on Upcoming Trips, you see future trips, which include the following details for each: 

  • Trip Date
  • Pick-up Window
  • Pick-up Location 
  • Drop-off Location 

You can click on any trip on your trip list to get additional details such as:  

  • Fare (This app does not allow you to pay for your fare. Learn more about SacRT GO Paratransit Services fare at:
  • Mobility Device 
  • Additional passenger information 
  • Vehicle location when you’re about to be picked up 

Additionally, you can cancel a trip you no longer need (SacRT’s Late-Cancel and No Show policy may apply) or copy a trip you want to take again. 


View your user account by clicking on the account button at the bottom of the page.  

In the account you can:  

  • View your profile 
  • Contact SacRTGO Paratransit Services 

For additional questions, please contact SacRT at 916-321-BUSS (2877). 

Note: The new SacRT GO mobile app is only available for SacRT GO paratransit riders, not available for e-van paratransit service.