Stockton Boulevard Implementation Plan

April 13, 2023 General, SacRT in Community

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SacRT is working on a Stockton Boulevard Bus Stop Implementation Plan, which is studying bus stops along Stockton Boulevard, SacRT’s highest ridership corridor, to support existing ridership and encourage new ridership by making transit service along the corridor more accessible and equitable, and by providing greater mobility to underserved communities.  

Through this effort we are identifying projects at existing bus stops along the Stockton Boulevard from Alhambra Blvd to Elsie Ave to improve safety, accessibility, and ridership along Stockton Boulevard.  

A survey was available to the public during March and through mid-April of 2023. The survey was offered in both English and Spanish. Feedback from this survey will help identify needs of specific bus stops along Stockton Blvd and guide where future funding will be implemented. The goal is to help identify needs at the bus stops along Stockton Boulevard.  

Community input was previously received from the Spotlight on Stockton Boulevard event on October 8th, 2022. The input received from this survey will be combined with the input received from the Spotlight on Stockton Boulevard to inform project results. 


El Plan de Implementación de Stockton Boulevard está estudiando las paradas de camión a lo largo de este corredor, el de mayor cantidad de pasajeros de SacRT, para apoyar a los pasajeros actuales y atraer nuevos pasajeros al hacer el servicio de transporte público más accesible y equitativo a lo largo del corredor y ofrecer una mayor movilidad a comunidades desatendidas. 

Con este esfuerzo, estamos identificando proyectos en las paradas de camión actuales a lo largo de Stockton Boulevard, desde Alhambra Boulevard hasta la avenida Elsie para mejorar la seguridad, la accesibilidad y servir a más pasajeros a lo largo de Stockton Boulevard. 

Motivo de la participación pública 

La participación de la comunidad ayudará a identificar las necesidades específicas en las paradas de camión a lo largo de Stockton Boulevard y guiará dónde se usarán recursos financieros futuros. El objetivo de la participación pública es ayudar a identificar las necesidades en las paradas de camión a lo largo de Stockton Boulevard. 

La comunidad aportó ideas anteriormente en el evento Spotlight de Stockton Boulevard el 8 de octubre del 2022.

Related Projects

This project is a stand-alone project through SacRT but is related to other previous and on-going project along Stockton Boulevard. These projects are summarized below:

Bus Stop Improvement Plan: SacRT is developing a comprehensive list of necessary and desired improvements to bus stops, amenities, and supporting pedestrian infrastructure throughout the Sacramento region. The Stockton Boulevard Bus Stop Improvement Plan is performing a similar exercise that is focused on Stockton Boulevard in greater detail, as Stockton Boulevard is SacRT’s highest ridership bus corridor.

Stockton Blvd Corridor Study: The City of Sacramento recently completed a long-term project that created a conceptual layout of Stockton Boulevard based on community goals. This project addressed safety and mobility along Stockton Blvd through multimodal improvements. Funding for implementing this project is not currently identified.

Community Working Version Stockton Blvd Plan: The City of Sacramento if developing a community-wide improvements project that identifies corridor and neighborhood-wide improvements, including housing, jobs, infrastructure, and business-related initiatives.

Project Timeline

This study will identify potential improvements for future construction, once funding is identified. This project began in the spring of 2022 and will be complete in the spring of 2023. It is anticipated that the study will be presented to the SacRT Board of Directors in May of 2023. 

Meet our Partner

This study is being performed by Nelson\Nygaard. Founded in Northern California, Nelson\Nygaard is an industry leader in holistic planning for all modes of transportation. We rely on our national and international experience to develop solutions for everyone in the context of a community's needs and goals. 


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Project Map

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