Take SacRT to a Sacramento Public Library 

August 26, 2022 General

Below is a list of SacRT transit options to get your to your public library.  

Arcade: 2443 Marconi Ave, Sacramento 

Bus route 25 exit Marconi & Wright or Marconi & Fulton. Bus route 26 exit Fulton & Marconi. Route 25 can be caught at Marconi Arcade station (Blue line) or Louis/Orlando Transit Center. Bus route 26 can be caught at Watt/I-80 Station (Blue) or University/65th Street Station (Gold). 

Arden-Dimick: 891 Watt Ave, Sacramento 

Bus route 84 exit Watt & Northrop. Can be caught at either Watt/I-80 Station (Blue) or Watt/Manlove Station (Gold). 

Belle Cooledge: 5600 South Land Park Drive, Sacramento 

Bus route 61 exit Fruitridge & South Land Park Dr. Bus route 61 can be caught at Fruitridge Station (Blue), Florin Town Center or Rush River/Windbridge Transit Center. 

Carmichael: 5605 Marconi Ave, Carmichael 

Bus route 25 exit Marconi and La Vista, can be caught at Marconi/Arcade Station (Blue) or Louis/Orlando Transit Center- same exit coming from either direction. 

Central:  828 I St., Sacramento 

Gold Line exit 8th & H or 7th & I (depending on direction of travel), Blue Line exit 9th & K or 7th & Capitol, bus route 11 exit 8th & I or 7th & J, bus route 51 exit 8th & I or 7th & J, bus route 86  exit inbound 8th & J or outbound 9th & L, bus route 38 exit outbound 8th & J or inbound 9th & L, bus route 88 exit inbound 8th & J or outbound 9th & L, bus route 62 exit outbound 8th & L or inbound 9th & L, bus route 30 exit outbound 8th & J or 9th & L.  

Colonial Heights: 4799 Stockton Blvd., Sacramento 

Bus route 51 exit Stockton & 21st regardless of direction of travel. Can be caught downtown on Blue or Gold line at 7th & Capitol, Blue line at Broadway station or Florin Town Center. 

Del Paso Heights: 920 Grand Ave., Sacramento 

Bus route 15, from Arden/Del Paso station (Blue) exit Grand/Cypress, from Watt/I-80 station (Blue) exit Grand/Branch. Bus route 86 from Marconi/Arcade Street exit Grand/Branch, from downtown exit Grand/Cypress. Gold line connects to bus route 86 downtown near 8th & Capitol or 8th & K stations.  

Elk Grove: 8900 Elk Grove Blvd., Elk Grove 

Bus route E116 from CRC (Blue) exit Elk Grove Blvd & Elk Grove Florin Rd. and bus route E110 which can be caught at Laguna Main & Vaux (Laguna Town Hall transfer location). 

Ella K. McClatchy: 2112 22nd St., Sacramento  

Bus route 62 inbound from Rush River exit 21st & V or outbound from Amtrak exit 19th & V.  Closet Gold line exit is 23rd Street station.  

Fair Oaks: 11601 Fair Oaks Blvd., Fair Oaks 

Bus route 21 exit Sunrise & Madison coming from either direction (approx 3/4 mile walk from here), can be caught at Mather Station (Gold) or from Louis/Orlando transfer center or Sunrise Mall terminal (Arcadia/Greenback). Citrus Heights/Antelope/Orangevale SmaRT Ride service zone.  

Franklin: 10055 Franklin High Road, Elk Grove 

Bus route E111 exit Franklin High and Hewitt, can be caught at Laguna Main/Vaux (Laguna Town Hall) via bus route E114 departing CRC (Blue) to Laguna Town Hall. 

Martin Luther King, Jr: 7340 24th St. Bypass, Sacramento 

Bus route 81 from University/65th Street Station (Gold) or Florin Station (Blue) or Florin Towne Center (all going towards Florin/Riverside) exit Florin/Woodbine.  

McKinley: 601 Alhambra Blvd., Sacramento 

Bus route 67/68. From CRC (blue) or 29th Street Station (Gold, board on 30th & R) exit 30th & G, coming from Arden Fair exit 29th & F, Downtown SmaRT Ride service area. 

North Highlands-Antelope: 4235 Antelope Road, Antelope  

Bus route 84 from Watt/Manlove Station (Gold) or Watt/I-80 Station (Blue) both towards Watt/Elverta exit Walerga/Holworthy, coming from Watt/Elverta exit Walerga/Antelope. Citrus Heights SmaRT Ride service area. 

North Natomas: 4660 Via Ingoglia, Sacramento 

Bus route 13 from Arden/Del Paso (Blue) or Arden Fair mall or Kaiser Morse or El Camino/Watt exit Del Paso Rd/Via Ingoglia. Bus route 11 From Sac City College (Blue) or Downtown Station 8th & Capitol (Blue or Gold) exit Truxel/Terracina or Natomas/New Market (approx 3/4 mile walk from these stops), SmartRide Natomas-North Sacramento service area which can be caught at Marconi/Arcade Station (Blue). 

North Sacramento – Hagginwood: 2109 Del Paso Blvd., Sacramento  

Bus route 15 from Arden/Del Paso or Watt/I-80 Stations (Blue) exit Del Paso/Winnipeg. From Arden/Del Paso walk would be approx 1/2 mile. 

Orangevale: 8820 Greenback Lane, Suite L, Orangevale 

Citrus Heights SmaRT Ride service area- can connect at Sunrise Mall Terminal (Arcadia & Greenback) via multiple bus routes; route 1 (Watt I-80), route 23 (Arden/Del Paso), route 21 (Mather Field/Mills Station or Louis/Orlando transit center). 

Rancho Cordova: 9845 Folsom Blvd., Sacramento 

Bus route 78 from Mather Field/Mills Station (Gold) exit Folsom Blvd/Paseo Rio, from Butterfield Station (Gold) exit Folsom Blvd/Horn. 

Rio Linda: 6724 6th St., Rio Linda 

Bus route 19 from Arden/Del Paso Station (Blue or from Watt/Elverta) exit M & 6th from either direction. 

Robbie Water Pocket-Greenhaven: 7335 Gloria Drive, Sacramento 

Bus route 61 from Fruitridge Station (Blue), Florin Towne Center(headed toward Rush River) or Rush River/Windbridge (toward Florin Towne) all exit Gloria/Rush River. 

South Natomas: 2901 Truxel Road, Sacramento  

Bus route 11 exit Truxel/Pebblestone can be caught at Sac City College Station (Blue) or downtown 8th & Capitol Station (both Blue & Gold). 

Southgate: 6132 66th Ave., Sacramento  

Bus route 51 from downtown or Broadway station (Blue) or bus route 61 from Fruitridge Station (Blue) or Rush River/Windbridge exit Florin/Florin Mall Dr. Bus route 81 from Florin Station (Blue) towards University/65th Street Station or from University/65th Street  Station (Gold) towards Florin/Riverside exit Florin/65 (approx 3/4 mile walk from here).  

Sylvan Oaks: 6700 Auburn Blvd., Citrus Heights 

Bus route 25 from Marconi/Arcade Station (Blue) or from Louis/Orlando transit center exit Auburn/Van Maren from either direction. 

Valley Hi-North Laguna: 7400 Imagination Parkway , Sacramento 

CRC Station (Blue), walk across the street to Library or SmaRT Ride Franklin-South Sacramento service area.