Working Together for Social Justice and Inclusion

February 4, 2021 General, SacRT in Community

This is welcome time to celebrate diversity and to remind, educate and raise awareness of SacRT’s strong commitment to combat bias, racism and discrimination in the workplace. SacRT cultivates a workplace culture that promotes equality, respect and justice for all employees, and cherish the insights it brings to our agency and the diverse communities we serve. SacRT is a champion for a safe, equitable and collaborative workplace that prioritizes diversity and inclusion, which is why all employees are required to go through extensive training on harassment and discrimination prevention. SacRT condemns in the strongest terms possible any form of racism or discrimination.

SacRT’s workforce is an excellent representation of a highly-diverse group of close to 1,300 employees, of whom 70% are persons of color, that work collaboratively together for one common mission … moving people where they want to go, when they want to go. In SacRT’s Executive Management Team, more than half are persons of color, including the General Manager/CEO; 78% are women and one is a member of the LGBTQ community. Many of SacRT’s employees were raised and/or live in the communities that most depend on us to connect them to opportunity and essential services.

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We all must continue to look for ways to drive change. It will take people of all races and backgrounds to stand in support of those that are chronically shortchanged by injustice.