World’s Smallest Concert Hall at 14th & L Bus Shelter

October 1, 2017 SacRT in Community


SacRT in partnership with Sactown Magazine, Sacramento Philharmonic and Opera, and Clear Channel, opened the “World's Smallest Concert Hall” on Friday, October 13, in the 14th & L bus shelter.

Thanks to a generous donation by the B Street Theatre and Allied Custom Upholsterers, SacRT’s bus shelter has been converted to a tiny concert hall with speakers playing live symphony music and four red theater seats. In addition to bus riders, anyone can sit and enjoy free music 24 hours a day, until the end of November. If this isn’t your usual stop, be sure to make a special visit to 14th and L streets to relax and enjoy some amazing music and learn about the upcoming Sacramento Philharmonic and Opera season. The bus stop is served by Amador Transit, El Dorado Transit, e-tran, North Natomas Flyer, Yolobus and of course, SacRT.