Download the Alert SacRT Safety and Security App: Service Alerts for Specific Light Rail Lines Now Available

The Alert SacRT mobile reporting app is available for download from the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). The app provides light rail service alerts and offers a quick and discreet method for reporting safety and security concerns directly to SacRT Police Services (RTPS) using a smartphone or tablet.


Service Alerts

The app allows users to choose to receive light rail service alerts for each specific light rail line, Blue, Gold or Green. The light rail line alert options can be found by clicking the "More" button and then click on “Service Alerts” for the specific lines.

Safety and Security Reporting

Report a Safety/Security Issue

From the app home screen, users have two easy options for contacting RTPS:

The “Report an Issue” button allows users to send text or photos directly to SacRT Police. To ensure discretion, the camera flash is automatically disabled when photos are taken through the app. When reporting an issue, users can select locations and report categories to assist RT Police. Riders can also send reports anonymously if they chose.

The “Call RT Police” button will connect customers directly to RTPS.

The app is designed for robust operation even under conditions of poor signal strength. If you send a report from an area without cellular/Wi-Fi connectivity, it will be stored and sent when connectivity returns. The system is also designed to send text descriptions before photos so that RTPS can get information quickly.

Users without a smart phone can send texts directly to RTPS at 916-318-3330.

Bus riders can continue to track their bus on the SacRT Bus Tracker at