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Building Better Communities: How Sacramento Regional Transit helped create the region’s ‘coolest’ neighborhood

November 17, 2022 SacRT Blog

 Years in the making, one of the most dramatic and unusual neighborhoods in the region is rising fast in…Read More

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Headed to vote Tuesday? Hop on SacRT for a free ride

November 1, 2022 SacRT Blog

 Election Day is coming, and with it, free transit rides. Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT) is once again offering…Read More

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SacRT asks for community help to improve bus stop convenience and safety

October 10, 2022 SacRT Blog

Bus stops are the humble, but important, front door to a transit system. Sacramento Regional Transit (SacRT) wants them to…Read More

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It’s Clean Air Day. Here are 12 tips from SacRT on ways you can take a stand for better air quality

September 27, 2022 General, SacRT Blog

We live in an era of climate change, wildfires and poor air quality. It can feel overwhelming at times, but…Read More

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Sit back, relax and read a book while Sacramento’s new Library Train gets you to your destination

September 1, 2022 General, SacRT Blog

The next time you ride SacRT light rail, you may find yourself stepping into a literary adventure.  SacRT and the…Read More

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SacRT’s groundbreaking ‘free rides for youth’ program offers hope and opportunity

August 25, 2022 SacRT Blog

Four years ago, SacRT board member Jay Schenirer approached SacRT General Manager/CEO Henry Li with a bold idea:  Let’s allow…Read More

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SacRT partners with community advocates to make transit-riding easier for all

July 25, 2022 General, SacRT Blog

This week marks a milestone moment for both Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT) and an important group of loyal passengers. …Read More

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SacRT delivered him to the biggest appointment of his life: His wedding

July 19, 2022 SacRT Blog

A groom has one main job on his wedding day: Get to the ceremony on time. For Sacramentan Ansel Lundberg,…Read More

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Not just a transit agency – SacRT offers an innovative new helping hand to Sacramento community’s most vulnerable residents. Here’s an inside look at that creative effort.

Sacramento is experiencing a difficult time of economic stress. In response, Sacramento Regional Transit (SacRT) has taken its community leadership…Read More