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Many steps have been taken to secure the SacRT system. Our light rail station platforms are now monitored remotely by staff in the SacRT Security Operations Center. Security teams monitor an array of surveillance cameras that have been installed at all light rail stations throughout the system. A public announcement system also allows security staff to communicate directly with customers who may be violating rules, such as drinking or smoking at stations.

Light rail stations are under 24/7 surveillance, and a sworn team of officers are assigned to patrol and respond to transit-related calls. But we can't do it on our own. There are just a few hundred SacRT frontline employees and nearly 90,000 passengers on weekdays. If you commute on SacRT, you are probably more familiar with your particular stations and fellow commuters than anyone else, including SacRT employees. You are the best person to spot when something looks unusual or suspicious.

We are asking passengers to download the AlertSacRT app and use it to communicate directly with transit security, if you witness crime on our system. The app will allow you to discreetly text messages, pictures or video to our security team. It is also used to send service alerts to passengers when a light rail line experiences a disruption. Alert SacRT can be downloaded through the App Store or Google Play.

What do we mean by criminal behavior? Here are some examples:

  • Public intoxication that leads to inappropriate behavior
  • Physical abuse of another person
  • A weapon is brandished in a threatening manner
  • Drinking alcohol or using illegal drugs

What do we mean by suspicious behavior? Here are some examples:

  • Acting nervous, sweating inappropriately.
  • Taking pictures or recording in areas of no interest to the general public.
  • Attempting to get into an area that is off limits.
  • Leaving a package, backpack or briefcase and hurrying away from the area.

Report any unattended items to a SacRT employee. Here are some points to be aware of when observing a suspicious package:

  • Is it out of the way or hidden;
  • Was it abandoned by someone who quickly left;
  • Does it have lumps, bulges or protrusions like wires, tanks or bottles;
  • Is it surrounded by clouds, mists, gases, vapors or odors;
  • Does it have a threatening message attached to the outside?

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