SacRT Bus Stop Improvement Plan

April 21, 2022 General, SacRT in Community

In 2019, the Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT) launched SacRT Forward, a newly redesigned bus network that was implemented to reflect customer needs, meet current travel patterns, and improve connectivity with more direct service and better frequency.    

As part of SacRT Forward, there were several bus route modifications that took place in SacRT’s service area with the goal of serving county residents that had previously been underserved. This resulted in new bus service in corridors that in some cases do not have usable pedestrian access, including some locations that have limited sidewalk access and/or are not ADA accessible. 

SacRT is partnering with Civic Thread, a local non-profit planning and advocacy organization, to complete a Bus Stop Improvement Plan for the SacRT service area, which includes the cities of Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, Folsom, Elk Grove, Rancho Cordova and Sacramento and Sacramento County. This plan will create a comprehensive list of necessary and desired improvements to bus stops, amenities, and supporting pedestrian infrastructure. Civic Thread’s role is to engage the broader community to ensure that transit-dependent, low-income, underserved, and minority community members have a full opportunity to engage in the planning process. Engagement will help guide where funding should be prioritized to improve the SacRT bus stops for all residents. Civic Thread is currently conducting bus stop assessments to identify accessibility and safety issues at bus stops throughout SacRT’s service area. 

Community Engagement: 

  • Bus Stop Improvement Survey:  SacRT and Civic Thread conducted a community survey which allowed respondents to express their concerns about what bus stops need to be improved. The Community Survey will inform locations for Community Walk Audits.The survey ended on Friday, June 17, 2022.
  • Open Houses: Planned for Summer and Fall 2022, Open Houses will provide the opportunity for residents to express their personal experiences with transit and inform plan development.  
  • Community Walk Audits: Walk audits will be conducted throughout the project term to inform community members about the project, gather feedback from resident experts, and identify issues with bus stops. The locations of the walk audits will be informed by the findings from the Community Survey.  

Want to get involved so you can help inform these community decisions? Check out the links below!  

How to Get Involved 

Meet our Partner 

Civic Thread is a non-profit planning and advocacy organization that works at the regional and local level to elevate institutionally underserved communities and their priorities. They strive to create community-centered approaches to address historic inequities and prioritize investment in historically underserved communities.  

Learn more about the project: Civic Thread Website 


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